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Aging: Of Bears & Barrels

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“Hibernation is a covert operation for more overt action.” ~Ralph Ellison

Wine in hibernation...

Seasonally speaking, late fall is the ideal time to lay things away to rest–from luscious jams and jellies to delicate plants and shiny bicycles. Wild animals know this, fattening themselves well before toddling away for hibernation.

It makes sense, then, that this is also the time when winemakers rack their must, or fermenting juice, into cooperage for a long winter’s nap. Much like tucking in a newborn, it’s a careful process.

It begins when the winemaker has deemed the initial fermentation complete, and drains the tank of juice. This is not merely a matter of opening a valve: “Digout” is a laborious effort to completely empty the tank of all skins and organic matter. It not only requires a pick and shovel, but plenty of elbow grease!

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Strength in Numbers

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Amy & Gilbert Tour

Amy (that's me, second from left) giving a cellar tour to a Corrugated Club member & friends

“It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.”  ~Epicurus

During the course of my two months in the tasting room, I’d have doubled my pay if I collected a nickel from every guest who wanted me to tell them what they were tasting.

“A bit of guava?” one woman queried about the sauvignon blanc, adding, “Is that right?”

Right? Rest assured that here at Tin Barn Vineyards, there are definitely no tests. Usually, when a guest identifies something unusual in the wine, I grab a glass and pour a sample for myself. As wine engages the senses, though, subjectivity kicks in.  There are no right answers …and  I don’t know what you’re tasting. Read the rest of this entry »

Location, Location, Location….

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To find us, you'll definitely need to look for the signs...

Your GPS won't cut it: to find us, look for the signs.

“Where Am I?”

It’s one of the first questions new visitors ask. Tucked in the back lot of an unromantic industrial park, Tin Barn is no grand vintner’s castle. In this way, it defies the stereotypical notion of what a Northern California winery should be. But that’s often why people seek the place out. Last week, a guest described Tin Barn as a “harem tent in the middle of a desert”—a place of indulgence where you’d least expect it.

This “harem tent” is where my experiential, sensory, seat-of my-pants wine education is taking place. During my initial month, I’ve had a good chance to scope it out … and Toto, this former cubicle-dweller is (happily) not in the Financial District anymore. Here’s the lowdown on Tin Barn’s unique location:

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